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Age: 32
Weight: 158
Height: 50
Size: 3
I know they are needed to build the story but should we left crying and emotional scenes to soap operas? With that said, fight scenes are intense, and thus sticking a flashback in the middle of one is a major buzz kill. Though she later died by Obito's hand, Konan continued to have faith that Naruto's light can extinguish Obito's darkness even in her final moments.
You have a good point - it would be ideal for her to marry another Hyuuga, but neji is dead and there are no other male children in the bloodline. Female characters have become much less useless. Supposedly stronger than Madara as the first wielder of chakra, her arc was a complete letdown to many fans. Taking his leave, Itachi placed a crow containing chakra in Naruto's body with hopes that he may never need to use it.


Age: 30
Weight: 157
Height: 51
Size: 4
He is the one whom I look for inspiration and this manga made me a better person. This was especially evident when she mentioned giving him a chance at having a relationship with her upon his return.
Yet, somehow, we choose to ignore one thing that happened to him: Later, when both Naruto and Sasuke met Hagoromo and learning of their status as reincarnations, Naruto declared that even though they were not real brothers, he was confident that together they could change the world. Even after Naruto broke his thrall over the tailed beasts he captured, Tobi reiterated his contempt for Naruto and reassured himself that the boy was no match for him. The dynamics between the two had not changed and their innate rivalry still caused Naruto and Sasuke to challenge each other, even more so when Sasuke announced his desire to become Hokage, and with both of them noticing their respective improvements and new abilities. Introduce important character developments before and after an important scene, not during.
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