Dating someone online another country

Age: 34
Weight: 169
Height: 48
Size: 2
And then he sent me a nude the other day and I got shocked because I wasn't expecting that and I don't know what to do. If you can pull this off in your target language these questions are a lot of fun.
It was it, or so I thought at the time. I kinda like him but I'm confused if this is something I should continue doing. But even so, I'm still unemployed and ineligible for any kind of assistance, running out of money, and facing the reality that I may well have to leave somebody I love very much. Even had a bad experience with eharmony and that is supposed to be the safest.

17 Important Truths You Learn By Dating Someone From Another Country

Age: 26
Weight: 166
Height: 52
Size: 2
Do you have the skills and qualifications to be able to establish yourself somewhere else?
I was going to at first. We never send something rude pics I said I want respect each other and he agree with that. Motivation is often a struggle for language learners. Vote by Fantastic flag! In a month he wrote a long post on his FB prifile - how he met me, that was ready to commit to me and relocate to my country. And when I say I can't do this anymore he gets all upset
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